Cute Ways to Say I’m Sorry

Cute Ways to Say I'm SorryEven the best relationships have their ups and downs. To build a strong, long-lasting relationship, you’ll need to know a few cute ways to say I’m sorry to help you deal with arguments, hurt feelings and misunderstandings from time to time.

In the long run, overcoming obstacles together can help form a stronger bond between two people. If you need to apologize to an important person in your life, whether it’s a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend or family member, think of some cute ways to say I’m sorry and let them know you care.

Jewelry and long-stemmed roses are cute ways to say I’m sorry, but remember: a gift can be meaningful without being expensive. The most important thing is that the recipient knows you took the time to do something special just for them. Even if you give your loved one a great gift, you still need to say the words “I’m sorry.” Gifts are cute ways to say I’m sorry, but they’re no replacement for telling your loved one that you understand what you did wrong and will try not to do it again.

Here are a few examples of gifts that are cute ways to say I’m sorry:

1. Frame a special picture of you and your loved one
2. Cook their favorite meal
3. Get tickets to see their favorite sports team in action
4. Purchase a gift certificate for a pedicure
5. Make a handmade card

Poems and songs
Poem and songs can also be cute ways to say I’m sorry. If you’re the creative type, try writing your own—if you’re feeling brave, you could even sing or recite it to your loved one! You don’t have to be the world’s best singer or writer for your boyfriend, girlfriend or best friend to appreciate the gesture.

If you’d rather leave the writing to the experts, that’s okay; finding a meaningful song or poem somebody else has written and writing it in a card are still cute ways to say I’m sorry. Even if you didn’t write it yourself, your loved one will be happy to know such a beautiful song or poem made you think of them.

Here’s a tip: if you’ve decided to give your loved on a poem or song, handwrite it in a homemade card. In today’s world, most people receive letters from friends via email. Handwritten notes are nice treats and cute ways to say I’m sorry.

My boyfriend is good at thinking of cute ways to say I’m sorry. Here’s a humorous poem he wrote for me the last time we got into an argument:

I’m not a brain surgeon,
Or a rocket scientist.
So when it comes to smarts
I do not top the list.

I’m not that much to look at,
At least not compared to you.
So if handsome’s what you’re looking for,
You should go find someone new.

But there is one great thing
That I have plenty of.
My heart, because it belongs to you
And is always full of love.

When a loved one is feeling hurt or neglected, your time is often the most meaningful thing you can give them. There are many cute ways to say I’m sorry that involve spending time with your loved one. Does your girlfriend enjoy plays and operas? If so, maybe you could buy tickets to the next performance. Is your boyfriend the athletic type?  Then perhaps a hiking trip or a game of tennis would be cute ways to say I’m sorry.

Writing poems, giving gifts and spending time with your loved are just a few of the many cute ways to say I’m sorry. The most important part of any apology is letting the recipient know you care about them. So feel free to be creative and come up with your own cute ways to say I’m sorry to your friend, family member or significant other.

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