Love Letter Saying Sorry

Love Letter Saying SorryMy friend Tony recently hurt his girlfriend’s feelings. When his parents came to town to visit, he didn’t introduce them to his girlfriend. Understandably, she thought this was a sign that he didn’t take their relationship seriously. Tony felt terrible, so he decided to write her a love letter saying sorry.

Here’s the love letter saying sorry that Tony wrote for his girlfriend. If you need to write a love letter saying sorry to your own boyfriend or girlfriend, you can use it as an example.

Dearest Emily,

I’m so sorry I upset you by not introducing you to my parents. I didn’t mean to hurt you, but I can understand why you’re upset. Please don’t think I don’t take our relationship seriously—I do. I have just never been in such a serious relationship before, so I didn’t know meeting my parents would be so important to you.

I love you so much. Nothing makes me happier than spending time with you. The six months we have been together have been the happiest time in my whole life. I know that when my parents meet you, they will love you as much as I do. You’re the kindest, most beautiful person I know. Mom and Dad will be happy to see that their son is dating such a wonderful woman.

I’m going to Detroit for my dad’s 50th birthday in a couple of months. I would love it if you’d come with me.  It will be a chance for us to spend time together, and you’ll get to meet my entire family.


Take responsibility
The first thing you should do in your love letter saying sorry is apologize. Be specific—the person you hurt will feel better if they know you understand exactly why they’re upset. It’s not always enough just to say, “I’m sorry.” Your love letter saying sorry should also be clear about which of your behaviors you regret.

Tell them why you love them
You don’t have to be eloquent or poetic to let someone know you love them. Just be sincere in your love letter saying sorry and write from the heart. In the second paragraph of the sample love letter saying sorry, Tony describes how much he values his relationship with his girlfriend.

In many cases, relationship problems are the result of one person feeling neglected or taken for granted. That’s why it’s a good idea to write a love letter saying sorry when you’ve hurt someone you care about; it gives you a chance to reassure that you love and value them.

Suggest a solution
Tony’s love letter saying sorry ends by telling his girlfriend how he intends to make amends for hurting her. This is a great idea, because it shows his girlfriend that his love letter saying sorry is sincere. If you don’t intend to behave differently, why bother writing a love letter saying sorry? The most important part of any love letter saying sorry is the follow through. A love letter saying sorry is meaningless if you don’t fulfill its promises.

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